Gift Voucher

Are any of your family members or friends going on a family holiday to Bali? They have small children and you would like them to have the perfect stay over here?

Go ahead and surprise them with one of our special gift vouchers! The choice is yours – for AU$ 50, AU$ 100, or AU$ 200. What do you need to do?

Just send us the name and email address of the person the gift voucher is intended for plus your personal message (optional: max. length 500 characters).

After receiving your payment, we will send you or your family member/ friend the gift voucher by PDF.

Ready to order your gift voucher? Please click here!

Please be advised:

  • No money will be returned for any unused portions of the voucher and each voucher is valid for up to 6 months from the date of issue. If the total order amounts to more than the value of the certificate, the balance shall be settled via bank transfer.
  • Online gift vouchers will be submitted by email.
  • Online gift vouchers can only be used once.
  • Baby Service Bali shall not be held responsible for any unauthorized use of gift vouchers or any unauthorized purchase made in connection with any gift vouchers that were sent to the intended recipient by email.